Get ready for the Restorative Justice Week! 

6 października 2023
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This year the theme proposed by the EFRJ is Repair and Reform: Restoring Dialogue, Solidarity & Justice in today's Society. 

Conference for the 1oth Anniversary of the French Institute for Restorative Justice

The Institut Francais pour la Justice Restaurative is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the 2nd International Conference in Pau at the Beaumont Palace between 19-20 October. The purpose of this event is to highlight the results of actions taken to promote the development of Restorative Justice over the last 10 years as well as to provide a space for exchange, linking researchers and practitioners, and sharing new restorative justice practices and fields of application for the future. If you haven't registered for the event yet there's still a chance to do it. You will also find some members of the EFRJ including Antonio Buonatesta, Estelle Zinsstag, and our colleague Emanuela Biffi among the contributors    Submit your proposal for our conference in Tallinn The next 12th International Conference of the EFRJ will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, 29-31 May 2024 titled Just Time: Restorative Justice Responses in Dark Times. The 3-day conference includes several plenary sessions and workshops, as well as social moments and local field trips. 

Call for abstracts is now open, submit your proposal here. Registrations will be in January 2024.  Nominate your Laureate for the Upcoming European Restorative Justice Award! The European Restorative Justice Award recognises individuals, groups or organisations that have significantly contributed to the promotion and development of restorative justice within Europe. The types of initiatives can be theoretical, practical, empirical, artistic as well as political. We invite all EFRJ members to propose (a) laureate(s) for the 7th European Restorative Justice Award 2024! The laureate(s) is chosen by the Board of the EFRJ based on your nominations. The proposal for the award can be submitted by the 15 of November 2023. Read more about the process and make your nomination.

    EFRJ Workshop at the Transforming Justice Festival  This Transforming Justice of Sophia will be a one day festival in Brussels (at Recyclart) on the 14 October from 1 pm to 10 pm. This event is an occasion to explore and rethink the topics of justice and violence. There will be workshops, exhibitions, and debates.
Emanuela Biffi and Bàlint Juhàsz from the secretariat are conducting the workshop " Into the Roots of Restorative Justice" between 3-4 pm
Brunilda Pali is giving a lecture "Beyond 'carceral feminism'? Contextualising feminist discourses about addressing gendered violence" at 4:30 pm
Check the full program on their website. This event is free of charge and registration is requested for workshops only.

    The Encounter of the EncountersDuring the Restorative Justice Week, on 21 NovemberThe Encounter of the Encounters will be hosted by the Basque Institute of Criminology in San Sebastian (Spain). They will take part in an open meeting called "Intergenerational Restorative Justice: Expanding the Dialogue of The Encounter of Restorative Encounters in Cases of Political Violence". This event will be live-streamed and we will share the link during the Restorative Justice Week.
More information about this event will come soon! 

    "Transforming Justice Systems for Children in Migration" The Child Friendly Justice European Network and the Defence for Children International Italy are at the 2nd CFJ-EN Annual Seminar "Transforming Justice Systems for Children in Migration". The event will occur on 27 October in Genoa, Italy from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

   Practice Workshop on Systemic PowerThe Understanding People (UP) Project is organised a free restorative practice network. The aim is to create a networking space for practitioners to explore a radically respectful practice. A practice that is conscious of systemic power dynamics and imbalances, and takes care not to reproduce them in our restorative work.
If you would like to join this event, it will take place on Zoom on 18 October from 3:30 pm to 5 pm (UK time). Please feel free to register your attendance via the link

   Restorative Justice with Juveniles in ItalyYou can still subscribe for the upcoming webinars organised by the Italian Independent Authority for Children and Adolescents that focus on youth and restorative justice drawing on the outcomes of a recent national study. There will be simultaneous translation between Italian and English and they will feature international experts on topics that emerged from the study: - The importance of families’ and community’s involvement in restorative justice programmes (17 October)-  The differences between restorative justice involving ‘peers’ and ‘not peers’ (24 October)-  The meaning and role of restorative outcomes (7 November)

    Moment of Inspiration Prisoner Express, hosted by the Durland Alternative Library (NY), is a life-changing project partner of the Center for Transformative Action. It started in 2015 as a program for sending books to incarcerated people throughout the US, and this is still the biggest part of their program. Prisoner Express encourages rehabilitation by offering distance learning programmes and writing programmes including essays, poetry, journals, and newsletters. It became a bridge between prisoners and the outside world, giving them the invaluable opportunity for creative self-expression and self-exploration. If you want to know more about this project you can take a look at their website and their latest publications available online, the "27th Volume of Prisoner Express Poetry Anthology", and their "Summer 2023 Newsletter".  

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